There appears to be an inverse relationship between presence of gold leaf and good governance. The epitome of opulent taste and kleptocratic power was perhaps King Ludwig II of Bavaria almost bankrupted his country building three lavish palaces before dying under suspicious circumstances.

From my computer, I have wandered alone through the halls of Versailles, the Chateau de Fontainebleau, the Schonbrunn Palace, the Palazzo Madama among others using the Museum View tool in Google Cultural Institute. As the 3D  camera moved from room to room, glitches in the software to formed accidental collages.  The software has been updated since I made these and I can no longer make more of these “collages” so the series has become anchored in a moment. They concisely bring together digital dislocation with some of the world’s most ornately crafted spaces, spaces which were built to embody beauty, wealth and power.  

Archival inkjet prints, image size 11" x 14", sheet size, 16" x 20, 2015-2018.